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Should My Child Have an Orthodontics Evaluation?

Are you wondering if your child may need to see an orthodontist? Maybe your dentist has pointed out some potential issues with your child’s teeth and has recommended an orthodontic evaluation. Perhaps you’ve noticed that your child’s teeth aren’t coming in straight or look crowded. Whether or not you have any concerns about your child’s teeth, you should not hesitate to schedule a consultation. 

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At What Age Should My Child Have an Orthodontic Evaluation?

There’s no certain age when every child should have an orthodontic evaluation. The right tie should be determined by the child’s dental age more than their actual age. Once the front permanent teeth have erupted and appear to be fully in place and if there appear to be any orthodontic issues, such as crowding, your dentist may recommend that your child see an orthodontist

The average age range for a first time orthodontic evaluation is 7-9 years old. While it may not be time for braces just yet, there may be other early orthodontic treatments that can be done that will prevent problems from developing or escalating into more serious conditions. A little prevention can go a long way. 

What is Two-Phase Orthodontics?

You may have heard the term “two-phase orthodontics” used by dentists or orthodontists. This term refers to the fact that orthodontic treatment often achieves better results when it is divided into two phases. 

The first phase refers to early orthodontics, the treatments that are most often done between the ages of 7 and 9. The second phase, which most commonly involves braces, takes place between the ages of 10 and 14. Phase I prepares the teeth for Phase II, making the second phase much more effective. The first phase also prevents orthodontic issues from causing irreversible damage to the permanent teeth in the childhood years. 

Is it Ever Too Late to Have an Orthodontic Evaluation?

No, it’s never too late to have your teeth evaluated by an orthodontist. If your child is already past the age range for the first phase of orthodontics, don’t worry. Your child’s teeth can still be corrected later in their adolescent or teenage years. 

Even if you’re an adult, it is still possible to have your orthodontic issues corrected. If you want straighter teeth or you have suffered some of the effects of a misaligned bite pattern (such as headaches or jaw pain), you can start orthodontic treatment at any time in your life. 

What are the Different Types of Orthodontic Treatment?

Early orthodontics can involve a variety of different orthodontic treatments such as palate expanders and retainers that take advantage of the child’s growth in order to reshape or expand the jaw to make room for crowded teeth or to adjust the bite. 

Later orthodontic treatment typically involves braces or clear teeth alignment systems such as Invisalign or ClearCorrect. Both teens and adults like the fact that Invisalign and ClearCorrect are virtually invisible so that you can straighten your teeth more subtly. The clear plastic aligners are also more comfortable and convenient because you can easily remove them to eat or brush your teeth. 

Savannah Dental Solutions Also Provides Orthodontics 

Every child should have an orthodontic evaluation to determine if orthodontic treatment is necessary. The majority of children need some form or orthodontic correction. The good news is that you don’t need to leave Savannah Dental Solutions to have an orthodontic evaluation. We provide orthodontic screenings and care for children, teens, and adults. We offer both Invisalign and ClearCorrect teeth alignment systems. 

Call (912) 354-1366 or contact us today to schedule an orthodontic evaluation. We look forward to helping you achieve and maintain healthy, straight, teeth. 

Clear Orthodontics Dentist

Orthodontics - Clear Dental Braces Dentistry Savannah GAOrthodontics – The Clear Alternative
If you have always wanted straight teeth, but have not wanted to wear noticeable braces, we have a solution for you! We are happy to recommend to our patients Invisalign™ and ClearCorrect™ aligners. They are innovative orthodontics that are so clear they’re invisible, and they correct your smile in only 9 – 15 months! They address all the problems of crossbite, underbite, overbite, gaps, and overcrowding.
With state-of-the-art technology, 3-D computer imaging will produce the complete treatment plan for repositioning your teeth to a beautiful smile. Sets of transparent, thermoplastic aligners are made to fit your teeth and with the first set you wear, your teeth will begin to be gently repositioned to the desired alignment. Approximately every two weeks, you will advance to the next set of aligners as progress is made toward your goal. Evaluation will be made in our office every four to eight weeks. The total time for treatment is based on individual needs.

Straight Teeth - Invisible Dental AlignersBoosting Your Confidence
Although traditional braces work well, there are advantages to the Invisalign and ClearCorrect systems. Most wearers choose this option because they are nearly invisible. They are only noticeable if someone looks at them extremely close up. This lets you feel confident throughout your treatment.
As there are no metal or wires that need adjustments, you will have fewer visits to our dental office. There is no mouth irritation from these comfortable, one-piece aligners, and no bulky headgear to wear. The best part is you can eat whatever you want, as they can easily be taken out for eating and cleaning. There are no worries about plaque building up on the surface of your teeth during treatment, as you can remove the aligners to thoroughly brush your teeth.
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