What can I expect at my first dental appointment?

Your first dental appointment will consist of a thorough evaluation. We will carefully examine your teeth and gums, including any existing dental restorations. We will also examine your oral tissues, head, and neck for any abnormalities. We will then sit down with you to discuss our findings, and to learn your complete health history and goals for dental care. You will then be scheduled for a cleaning or a more invasive scaling and root planing, as well as for any needed work such as fillings or root canals.

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Information for New Patients

The Importance of Hygiene Visits

We want you to have the very best dental health, and one of the most important reasons to visit a dentist is to have your teeth professionally cleaned. Over time, plaque and tartar can form in some areas even with meticulous brushing. When tartar collects below the gumline, gum infection can result. If left untreated, this can result in tooth loss. Research also has proven a link between the advanced stages of gum disease and serious health problems like diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. We recommend regular cleanings by our hygienist to help you keep overall good health.

Root Canals Can Save Hopeless Teeth

In the past, a tooth with damaged or infected roots required extraction. With today’s dental technology, a tooth can be saved with a root canal procedure. The pulp chamber of the tooth is removed and packed with an alternative filling material to preserve the tooth. A crown can be placed over the tooth to give it added strength and restore complete functionality.

When dentists first started performing root canals, patients often dreaded them. However, with modern anesthetics and treatment procedures, they are very manageable for a patient and restore a tooth to health and full use.

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TMJ/TMD – Proper Bite Alignment Treatment Helps End Headaches and Jaw Pain!

If you suffer from headaches or pain in the neck, shoulders, or jaw, you may have dental malocclusion. When your jaw cannot rest in the position nature intended, muscles in the surrounding areas become very tense, resulting in chronic pain. When the malocclusion is restored to its proper position, the discomfort can be relieved. Don’t wait any longer to get natural relief from years of suffering. Let us show you how this type of treatment can improve your quality of life.

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Are You Sometimes Headachy or Suffer From Tension or Migraine Headaches? We Have a Miracle For You!

With the latest advancements in dental care, we can now offer our patients a drug-free treatment that can prevent migraine headaches. NTITM is an FDA-approved device that relaxes the scalp muscles, which will remove the tension that causes most of these headaches. Medical statistics show that 82% of sufferers achieved a 77% reduction in migraines. This is an inexpensive alternative to medications and produces positive results for most patients. Please ask us about this device if you have regular occurrence of migraines or tension headaches.

Do I need to take antibiotics before my dental appointment?

Like so many things in dentistry, the answer is, it depends. The American Dental Association (ADA) regularly updates its guidelines for antibiotic prophylaxis, or prescribing antibiotics prior to dental work. Let your dentist know your full health history, and he or she will decide whether pre-treatment antibiotics are right for you.

Senior Dental Care is Different

We focus on providing individualized care for each patient. For our seniors, we watch for fillings that may have weakened and cracked. If certain medications are taken, the flow of saliva through the mouth may be reduced. We recommend simple products to alleviate this problem. A smile that may have become discolored from caffeine or tobacco consumption can be returned to brilliant white. Regular checkups will help to catch gum disease or root decay in the early stages before tooth loss occurs. We always advise our patients to contact us immediately if your gums bleed or teeth feel loose.

Schedule the First Step Toward Your Healthiest Smile

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