Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. Porcelain veneers don’t stain as easily as tooth enamel but can get stained or dull with age. So protecting your investment in veneers and maintaining your confidence is essential. Here are tips to whiten and keep your porcelain veneers looking their best.

Be Aware of Toothpaste

Toothpaste with baking soda can have a dulling effect on your porcelain veneers. In addition, baking soda toothpaste usage can cause them to wear down quickly and be more prone to staining.

There are numerous kinds of toothpaste on the market to remove stains from veneers, and these are available online or in-stores. Your dentist may have recommendations of brands that will work best or prescribe a prescription-strength fluoride to assist in whitening. Be aware that most polishing kinds of toothpaste will only remove minor staining.

Soft Bristle Toothbrush

Ensure that you are using a soft-bristle toothbrush when you brush your teeth. While it may seem that a firm brush gets your teeth cleaner, it can damage and dull the porcelain. In addition, if you are using a firm bristle, you may notice that your gums recede a bit which can lead to exposure of the base of your veneers.  

Using a soft-bristle brush ensures gentle treatment of your veneers while allowing complete cleaning of your teeth and mouth.

Healthy Habits

Make sure that you brush your teeth after eating or drinking foods that would likely stain teeth, such as coffee. Limiting acidic foods or sugary snacks will also help maintain the integrity of your veneers and prevent the breakdown of the porcelain.

Smoking will quickly discolor not only teeth but also veneers. Therefore, quitting smoking is recommended for your health and keeping your veneers stain-free and sparkling white.

Whitening Kits

You can whiten porcelain veneers using over-the-counter whitening kits like natural teeth. However, their effectiveness may not be as noticeable or may not work as well as on tooth enamel. Read and follow the instructions with the package to ensure you don’t damage your veneers in the process. Speak to your dentist before undergoing a teeth whitening process at home. 

Teeth Cleaning

It is crucial to get your teeth professionally cleaned twice a year. Regular dental cleanings help maintain overall gum and teeth health.

Cosmetic Dentist

If you are concerned about the discoloration of your veneers or if the methods mentioned above are not solving the issue, you may want to seek the help of your cosmetic dentist. Your dentist can check to see if the porcelain has worn off your veneers or if they need replacing. They will also have the tools to properly clean them to determine if the staining warrants replacement or is treatable.  

Learn More About Whitening Your Veneers

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