Are you looking for a dentist for your child? Whether they are ready for their first dental visit, you’re new to the area, or you simply want a change, there are many reasons to look for a pediatric dentist. 

Some dental offices treat adults or older children, some are geared toward children specifically, and others are family practices that treat patients of all ages. Why go to a pediatric dentist? Because children benefit from seeing a dentist who has specific training and experience in children’s dentistry

Specialized Training

Treating children’s teeth is different than treating adult teeth in many ways. There are dental issues that are more common in children that a pediatric dentist will know how to recognize and treat. Tooth eruption and shedding is a big part of children’s dentistry, as some teeth don’t erupt when they should and others don’t shed and need to be extracted. 

A dentist who is trained in pediatric dentistry will be more knowledgeable about children’s dental needs and care. Early diagnosis and treatment for some dental issues can make a difference in a child’s dental health for their lifetime. 

Kid-Size Equipment

Children will require dental equipment that is suitable to their size as well as their needs. A pediatric dentist will be equipped with tools that are the proper size and function for children. From the dental tools used to clean the teeth to appropriately sized X-Ray equipment, children will be more comfortable and more effectively cared for by a dental office that accommodates children. 

Experience with Children

When it comes to working with children in any capacity, experience makes a big difference. With experience comes the ability to talk to children in a way that makes them feel comfortable and willing to cooperate. Patience is one of the most important qualities that a pediatric dentist must have to be successful working with children, and that is something that gets easier with experience. 

In addition to building a rapport with children, experience helps a dentist to know what to look for when it comes to oral and dental health concerns that are common in the younger patients. Diagnosing problems with the teeth and gums early allows for treatment and future prevention of these problems. 

Orthodontic Screenings

Another important aspect of children’s dentistry is orthodontic screening. When there are potential orthodontic problems present, such as crowding or misaligned bite patterns, a pediatric dentist may recommend an early orthodontic evaluation. Orthodontists recommend that every child have an orthodontic evaluation by the time they are 7 years old. Some children may need early intervention and others may not need treatment until adolescence. 

A pediatric dentist can identify any early orthodontic issues that may require treatment and either provide the necessary treatment or refer you to an orthodontist. 

Why Go to a Family Dental Practice?

There are pediatric dental practices that only work with children. Once a child reaches a certain age, they are then required to find an adult dental practice. But with a family practice, your child can visit the same office from their first appointment on throughout the rest of their life. There are many benefits to a family dental practice, including: 

  • Easy. Avoid the hassle of switching to a new dentist. 
  • Individualized Care. A dentist who knows your dental history can provide you with more individualized care, avoiding the learning curve that comes with seeing a new dentist. 
  • Convenience. It is convenient when the whole family can go to the same dental office, sometimes all at the same time. 

Savannah Dental Solutions is a Family Dentist for Children and Adults

If you’re looking for a dentist who can not only treat your children, but the whole family, Savannah Dental Solutions is currently accepting new patients. We have extensive experience and training in pediatric dentistry, providing a positive experience for your child from the first appointment and on. 

Call (912) 354-1366 or contact us today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to providing your family with quality dental care.