Your smile can communicate confidence. Great teeth can give you a more positive outlook on life. We don’t believe this is an exaggeration. We are the Savannah Dentist who is committed to bringing out your brightest smile.

Dental cleanings prevent heart attacks?
Not only are your teeth an important part of your personality but great dental care can prevent serious health issues. Research has proven a link between the advanced stages of gum disease and serious health problems like diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. Over time, plaque and tartar can form in some areas even with meticulous brushing. When tartar collects below the gum line, gum infection can result. If left untreated, this can result in tooth loss.

In addition to a great smile, we want you to have the very best dental health, and one of the most important reasons to visit a dentist is to have your teeth professionally cleaned.

We know that everyone is leading a busy life. Often, a dental visit is delayed. Regular dental cleanings are skipped. The longer you go without a trip to the dentist the harder it is to put forth the effort to make an appointment. We understand, but we won’t let you off that easily! Give us a call today and we promise you’ll enjoy the visit.

Do you have anxiety about seeing the dentist?
If you have dental anxiety, we have multiple options for making your visit as relaxed as possible. Levels of sedation include:
• Minimal sedation: You’re awake but relaxed.
• Moderate sedation: You’re more relaxed and may not remember much of your procedure.
• Deep sedation: You are deeply sedated but can be awakened quickly.
• General anesthesia: You are completely unconscious.
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