Migraines can be unbearable. The pains in your head make it hard to think or even see. Sometimes those migraines can be so bad can’t even function throughout the day and you wind up spending quiet time in bed with the curtains drawn to block out light. 

You’ve tried everything from taking pain relievers to turning off the lights, taking long, hot showers, and closing your eyes, to even icing your face, but it doesn’t always work. While you know these are heightened headaches, it is important to understand why they develop to find the best treatment option. For example, migraines may stem from your jaw. To treat your migraines, start by finding their source and learning how to treat them properly. Read on to see how your jaw might be the culprit and how to go about helping these migraines.  

What Can Cause Migraines?

Several factors can cause migraines. Many people may not realize that migraines can connect to your jaw due to temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ or TMD). TMJ “acts like a sliding hinge,” and connects your jawbone to your skull, which is how you can end up with headaches and migraines. TMJ/TMD can also lead to neck and shoulder pain, showing that it’s all connected (which is why you may have all this discomfort without even realizing it).  

When your jaw isn’t resting naturally, and the muscles around the jaw become tense, you may experience chronic pain. The solution to TMJ/TMD? To properly align the malocclusion– when your upper and lower teeth are not aligning when you close your mouth– to release discomfort. 

The Best Way to Treat Your Migraines 

There are several ways to treat your migraines, from pain-relief medications to natural remedies like essential oils. If you have TMJ causing your migraines, doctors may tell you to stop chewing gum, wear a mouth guard to bed, or even suggest something more invasive, like jaw surgery.

But often, avoiding chewy foods will not help, mouth guards may not prevent clenching, or surgery seems too scary and excessive. Well, what if there was another solution? Savannah Dental Solutions offers drug-free treatments to prevent pesky migraines called NTITM. This FDA-approved device relaxes your scalp muscles to remove the tension in your head. Not only is it efficient, but it’s also inexpensive compared to other medications and procedures. 

If you are suffering from migraines, it might be time to get down to the cause of it all. TMJ can be the root of all your headache issues, so why not get treated for it? The best, most inexpensive, and easy solution, NTITM, can help you relieve that unwanted discomfort and pain. This treatment will lead you to a life TMJ-free, and you can finally be at ease.   

To learn more about the best treatment for migraines, visit the Savannah Dental Solutions website and fill out the contact info to have us contact you, or call us at (912) 354-1366 to schedule an appointment.