Sleep Apnea Treatment Dentist SavannahAlways Tired? Sleep Loss Can Kill You
Sufficient and restful sleep is very important for overall good health. Restorative sleep lets your entire body decompress and unwind from all the stresses you have burdened your system with throughout the day. Sleep should be revitalizing to your brain and body, allowing it to regain enough energy for another full day of activity. In contrast, lack of sound sleep can place excessive stress on the heart muscle and contribute to cardiovascular disease or hypertension. These serious conditions have been connected to lack of sufficient or restful sleep.

Snoring Is More Than an Annoyance
Snoring is often a symptom of a more serious health concern, known as sleep apnea. This condition prevents the sufficient flow of oxygen into the lungs throughout the night. It is caused by an obstruction in the air passage. When left untreated, the result can be serious health concerns for the heart and brain and even lead to premature death. With all the additional stress being placed on the body, the resulting increase in stress hormones can also lead to depression.
We have a solution to keep the airway open during sleep. It is an oral appliance that eliminates snoring and, more importantly, maintains continual and even breathing patterns throughout the night to provide a restful sleep.
Snoring Disorder Dental TreatmentOur Alternative to CPAP
The usual solution for sleep apnea is the use of the CPAP device during sleep. It is a machine that provides a continuous flow of air into the nose or mouth through a mask that is worn over this area of the face. Many people find wearing a bulky mask uncomfortable and an unsatisfactory solution to the problem, so they discontinue wearing the mask.
If you feel frustrated that the CPAP is not a solution to your problem, let us show you an alternative that is easier and more comfortable to use. Our doctors will custom fit you with the SomnoDentâ„¢, an acrylic oral appliance that will realign your jaw and tongue to keep your airway open and allow the air to flow into your lungs during sleep. It is similar to a mouthguard, as it fits over both the upper and lower teeth. It can be removed and easily cleaned and takes up little space in your suitcase when traveling. The appliance is very successful in relieving snoring and providing restful sleep.
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