Children's Traditional Dental Braces Savannah GAStart Early with a Full Range of Orthodontic Options
As recommended by the American Association of Orthodontists, it is important that children receive an orthodontic evaluation by age 7, when they have both baby and permanent teeth. Dr. Smith is our orthodontist, and he has extensive knowledge in the development of craniofacial growth patterns. He can easily identify problems with the jaw and teeth to correct them in the early stages, which saves you time and money.
After examination, Dr. Smith can correct the problems of crowding, cross bites, and malocclusion of lower and upper jaws generally in 6 – 18 months, which is less time than it would take during teen years. Early correction can also prevent extractions of permanent teeth and more time-consuming procedures later on that can cost considerably more money.
Early treatment or interceptive orthodontics brings another benefit for your child, as all the corrections are completed before they enter high school. They will have fantastic smiles for high school plays and prom or yearbook photos!

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