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A dental emergency can make you feel helpless, and many people don’t know where to turn when they need emergency dental care on the weekend or late at night. Emergency dentists can help you in your time of need.

First, Call Your Usual Dentist

When you’re facing a dental emergency, call your usual dentist. Most dentists’ offices have after-hours phone numbers for you to call in an emergency.

If your regular dentist is unavailable, check with family or friends for a quick referral, or try doing a Google search for “emergency dentist” and the name of your city. Google search results will often display reviews so that you can see other patients’ opinions.

These are other sites you can use to find a dentist near you and check their reviews:

How Do I Know if I Need Emergency Dental Care?

If you believe you require emergency dental care, schedule an appointment immediately. It’s better to be cautious. If a tooth has been knocked out, there’s only a brief window of time to save it. Other conditions, such as a dental abscess, tend to deteriorate rapidly and can even lead to systemic illness in your body.

Seek emergency dental treatment if you experience severe or sudden pain. If you sustain a mouth injury, seek medical attention immediately, even if there is no visible oral damage.

Types of Dental Emergencies

Broken or cracked tooth – A broken or cracked tooth can cause bleeding and infection, both of which should be treated immediately.

Tooth abscess – Tooth abscesses can occur when bacteria infect the pulp of your tooth or when there is an injury to an existing cavity. Abscesses can cause intense pain and swelling.

Lost filling – If a filling falls out and you don’t have it replaced promptly, food debris could get trapped in your gums and may lead to infection.

Loose crowns or bridges – Loose crowns or bridges should be replaced as soon as possible. 

Toothache – If you’re in severe pain, seek dental treatment as soon as possible. 

Steps to Take While Waiting to See a Dentist

When something happens to your teeth or gums, try these three steps to ease discomfort until you can see a dentist:

  1. Rinse with warm water to flush out any debris and to help stop any bleeding.
  2. Apply pressure to the painful area. If you’re bleeding from a specific tooth or laceration, try applying a piece of gauze to the area to absorb the blood and to help stop the bleeding. Apply a cold compress to help alleviate any swelling. 
  3. For a toothache, you can take an over-the-counter pain reliever like Tylenol (acetaminophen) if necessary to relieve pain and swelling. Avoid Advil (ibuprofen) if there’s any bleeding. 

Savannah Dental Solutions Can Treat Your Dental Emergency

Savannah Dental Solutions is a family-owned and operated practice that offers emergency dental care. Drs. Chad and Alexandra Schnabel welcome new patients and can help put even the most nervous patients at ease. Savannah Dental Solutions combines traditional customer-oriented values with the latest technology. If you need emergency dental care or are ready to start your journey to better oral health, contact us online or call us today at (912) 354-1366.