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Implants Are an Ideal Replacement
Dental implants appear life-like as they come up through the gums, and look and function just like real teeth. They return the ability to chew a variety of foods and give a full and healthy smile. Implant dentistry can replace one or many missing teeth. Those with no teeth can benefit, as they can replace dentures that slip and tilt and instead provide stability when chewing or speaking. There is no need to go to another dental office, as we have complete capabilities for this process from post placement to crown fabrication.

Immediate Load Implants – Another Option
In addition to traditional implants, we offer our patients All-on-4™ immediate load implants. They are placed in your mouth and immediately are ready to absorb any pressure from chewing. Previously, there was a waiting time of six months for the adjacent bone to heal. As we can complete the entire procedure in our office in a single visit, there is no need to be referred to an oral surgeon. These will securely hold your dentures in place with only four implants and never need to be removed. They provide support as strong as your natural teeth.
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