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What causes cavities?


No matter how clean you keep your mouth, the reality is that it is filled with both good and bad bacteria. Some kinds of bacteria combine with proteins from your saliva to form a film known as plaque, which attaches to your tooth enamel.

Although tooth enamel is quite hard, the acids created by the bacteria’s digestion can erode the mineral salts in the enamel. Sugary foods and drinks provide food for the bacteria, as well as a source for the glue they produce to attach to the teeth.

A cavity is a small hole in the tooth enamel created by this process of erosion. Over time, the bacteria can invade deeper into the tooth structure, causing larger cavities and even reaching the tooth root.

Older metal fillings can contribute to the problem, as they do not bond tightly enough to the tooth to lock out bacteria. This allows bacteria to enter the inner portions of the tooth without first tunneling through the tooth enamel.

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