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What should I know about dental IV sedation?


As you might suspect, dental IV sedation consists of intravenous medications that are administered throughout your dental appointment to keep you deeply relaxed. The drugs produce a sense of very deep relaxation, and induce memory loss from the time they take effect until the time they wear off. Therefore, although you will remain conscious, you will likely remember little or nothing of your procedure.

Your blood pressure will be checked both before and after the medications are administered, and you will wear a pulse oxygen meter throughout the procedure. This helps your dental team monitor your health and safety.

The effects of IV sedation take some time to wear off, so you must bring someone to your appointment to drive you home. If possible, have someone stay with you throughout the night, as you are likely to be extremely tired and may have difficulty performing all of the tasks of daily living. Most people bounce back by the next day, but it is best to avoid driving for at least 24 full hours after your procedure.

Be sure to take your pain medications as prescribed, even if you do not feel pain. While you are under the lingering effects of sedation, it is easy not to notice the pain, but you need to stay ahead of it to avoid feeling miserable once the sedation wears off.

Although IV sedation is well-tolerated by most patients, it is not right for everyone. Your dentist will take your health history and current medications into account before making a decision. Be sure to list both prescription and over the counter products, as well as any alcohol or recreational drug use.

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