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What pain management options exist for dental procedures?


Modern dentistry uses a combination of the latest tools and techniques, along with pain management protocols, to render most procedures virtually pain-free. Here are some pain management options.

Local Anesthetic: Local anesthetics such as lidocaine are injected into the mouth before nearly any dental procedure. Many dentists now use a topical numbing gel first to avoid the sting of the injection.

Sedation Dentistry: From mild nitrous oxide to moderate IV sedation, we can use medications to help you relax and even doze during your procedure.

Over the Counter Painkillers: Most dental procedures result in only mild to moderate pain, which generally responds well to over the counter medications such as Tylenol or Advil.

Prescription Painkillers: For some procedures, such as wisdom tooth extraction, we may prescribe stronger painkillers. Be sure to take them as directed to stay ahead of the pain, and carefully follow all instructions such as avoiding alcohol and taking the pills with food.

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