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How do permanent teeth replace baby teeth?


Humans have just 20 baby teeth, and 32 permanent teeth. This means that the jaw must grow and expand to make room for the developing permanent teeth. All teeth form underneath the gum tissue and then emerge, and the crown always forms before the tooth roots do.

The process of losing baby teeth and gaining permanent teeth can take about 6 years. The first baby teeth usually fall out around the age of 6, and most kids lose the rest of them around age 12. The permanent premolars come in behind the primary molars, and then the permanent molars emerge in newly empty space as the jaw develops.

“Mixed dentition,” when kids have a collection of baby teeth, permanent teeth, and empty gaps in the mouth, can be frustrating for both parents and children, but nature generally takes care of it. Make sure your child sees the dentist regularly, and all will be well—at least until their wisdom teeth start to emerge in their late teens. These are the last teeth to come in, and they may need to be removed if they develop problems.

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