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Savannah Dental Financing & Payment Plan Options

We Make It Affordable to Get the Great Smile You Deserve!

We have easy financing terms with flexible monthly payments that are interest free. You can also pay with a major credit card, check, or cash, and we offer prepayment discounts. If you have dental insurance, we file your claim to ensure you receive maximum benefits.

What are the different types of dental insurance?

Dental insurance comes in three different types, along with a non-insurance choice. Which you need depends on a variety of factors, including your current dental health and even your travel habits.

Dental HMO: A dental HMO (health maintenance organization) is a great choice for those who have good overall dental health, and whose preferred dentist is in the network. Dental HMOs generally require a referral to see a specialist, and cover only in network care. Out of network emergency care may or may not be covered. This is typically the least expensive option, but may be too restrictive for those who frequently travel, need extensive care, or prefer to choose their own specialists.

Dental PPO: A moderately-priced dental PPO (preferred provider organization) fits the way many people visit dentists. You will pay less when using an in-network dentist, but will receive some coverage when out of network. If your preferred dentist is in the network, you can receive less expensive routine care, but are free to see any other dentist of your choice either for specific services or when traveling.

Dental Indemnity: Dental indemnity is often the best choice for frequent travelers, those who need extensive dental care, and those whose preferred dentist is not in a network. This type of plan allows you to see any dentist you choose, as long as that dentist accepts the insurance. These plans are usually limited to the U.S., but some also cover border towns in Canada and Mexico. It is the most expensive choice, though.

Dental Discount Plan: A dental discount plan is not insurance, but it can be a great way to save some money. If your dentist accepts the plan, you will receive your care at negotiated discount prices. These plans cost only a few dollars per month, and you can combine them with dental insurance.

Financing and insurance can be simpler than they seem. Call us today at (912) 354-1366. We’re excited to work with you in achieving your best smile.

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